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Application for 'Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor'Department of Anatomy School of Medicine

Contract type: Full-time

Ph.D. : Biomedical related fields.

(Required qualifications)
1.At least 2 years of postdoctoral training or related working experience in biomedical  background.
2.At least published 2 publications as the first author or corresponding author within the previous 5 years.
3.Priority: To have more than 2 years of teaching experience in gross anatomy experiments and to provide relevant formal proof.
 (Material needed)
1.Curriculum vitae and autobiography
2.A photocopy of education and work experience documents
3.Publication list
4.A statement of teaching interests with course outlines
5.Previous teaching portfolio/outlines
6.Two letters of recommendation 
★For the application of our new fulltime positions, the interested applicants please make a hard copy of your curriculum vitae. Compose this hard copy, as well as the forms accompanying “The Procedure of Teachers ' Employment and Promotion ” and e-mail the package to the department/course you are to apply.
Please notify the unit/department, instead of any individual receiver, on the envelop for your delivery. The address of our university is: 250 Wu-Xing Street, Taipei City, Taiwan.
Applications should be submitted to jlhorng@tmu.edu.tw by 17:00 GMT+8, Feb 29, 2020; please direct questions to Ms. Horng.