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Application for 'Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor'School of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology
Contract type: Full-time
With Ph.D. degree related to Life Science or Medical Biotechnology
(Required qualifications)
2. Immunotherapy
3. Tumor Immunology
4. Cell therapy

5. Medical Technologist license
(Material needed)
1. curriculum vitae and autobiography
2. a photocopy of education and working experience diploma (any foreign diploma 
     should be verified in advance by the overseas office, Republic of China (Taiwan)
3. publication list (for initial screening, applications should detail research from the past five years
4. a statement of teaching interests with course outlines
5. previous teaching portfolio/outlines
6. two letters of recommendation
7. one copy of Medical Technologist License
★For the application of our new fulltime positions, the interested applicants please make a hard copy of your
    curriculum vitae. Compose this hard copy, as well as the forms accompanying “The Procedure of Teachers
    ' Employment and Promotion ” and e-mail the package to the department/course you are to apply.
Applications should be submitted to vickyt@tmu.edu.tw by 17:00 GMT+8, Sep 30, 2019; please direct questions to Ms. Tsai.