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To TMU Scholarship Recipients,
According the ”TMU Performance Evaluation Guidelines for Recipients of International Student Scholarships”, Scholarship recipients of Type A, Type B and Type C Scholarships are required to contribute 32 hours, 24 hours and 16 hours of service activities per month respectively, with a maximum of 12 hours per week (please see the attached guidelines for detail). Please complete and submit the attached TMU International Student Scholarship Awardees Project Agreement to me by Thursday, October 30, 2014.
Assigned project work activities:
1. Doctoral students are required to fulfill hours as teaching, internship or research assistants.
2. Master's degree and undergraduate students are required to fulfill hours as department teaching internship or research assistants or to assist in administrative affairs, and other TMU projects and activities.
3. Students are required to participate in academic seminars organized by the university, college or department and in activities or tasks organized by the International Office.
For teaching, internship, or research assistantship positions please see your advisor or department. For assistantship in administrative affairs please come see me for available positions. 
The attached service hour record form and the TMU International Student Scholarship Project Evaluation form need to be completed, signed by the project supervisor, and submitted to International Office at the time of Application for Scholarship Renewal around March/April of next year (to be announced).