College of Pharmacy


  yes   School of Pharmacy


  yes   School of Pharmacy (Division of Pharmacy)

  yes   School of Pharmacy (Division of Clinical Pharmacy)

  yes   Master Program in School of Pharmacy

  yes   Ph.D. Program in School of Pharmacy


  yes   Graduate Institute of Pharmacognosy


  yes   Master Program in Graduate Institute of Pharmacognosy


  yes   Master Program in Clinical Genomics and Proteomics


  yes   Ph.D. Program in Clinical Drug Development of Herbal Medicine


  yes   Ph.D. Program in Biotechnology Research and Development


  yes   Professional Master Program in Pharmaceutics and Biotechnology




Founded in 2000, College of Pharmacy offers an innovative pharmacy curriculum and enjoys an international reputation in imparting high quality education and training in Pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice. The college educates around 200 undergraduate students and 70 graduate students every year. The alumni of the college have established themselves as successful pharmacy professionals and emerged as a force strongly influencing the health care sector by holding leadership positions in the industrial as well as academic sector.

College of Pharmacy produces the best result of knowledge-based economy through the industrial innovation R&D courses, guidance of industry mentors, industrial R&D training, and the counseling platform of TMU Industry-Academia Collaboration and Incubation Operation Center. We further expect the research results to be applied in industry to optimize the industrial environment and achieve the goal of building a sustainable university. In the future, we aim to further cooperate with the industry to identify budding researchers and enhance students' competitiveness. We will also strive to implement the government’s Industry-Academia Cooperation Policy to educate and nurture the future biotechnology talent for Taiwan.