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Since its inception in 1963, when College of Nursing was first established as a 5-year junior college program, it has been devoted to educating health care professionals and creating programs of research and clinical scholarship to advance the science of nursing and improve the quality of health care. The School of Nursing offers a comprehensive training plan, including Bachelor, Master and Doctoral Programs in order to cultivate outstanding nurses as well as higher educated workforce. In 2016, the Post-Baccalaureate Program in Nursing was also established to bring more professionals to Taiwan. In addition, in response to the growing demand for trained professionals with expertise in aged care, the School of Gerontology Health Management was established in 2007, and started to offer the Master Program in 2018, and Master Program in Long-Term Care was established in 2013, respectively. 


In terms of teaching, the College owns a professional teaching and research team and five affiliated hospitals, allowing students to conduct their practicum at appropriate units or communities. It also provides high technology simulation materials for teaching, OSCE and interdisciplinary professional courses. In 2017, the College re-built the Intelligence Clinical Nursing Skill Center (ICNSC), which enables students to practice clinical skills in a safe environment. ICNSC is equipped with Bedside Intelligence Service System and Vascular Simulation System and other high technologies, which will be applied with practices in order to train students’ nursing skills, professional knowledge, communication skills and cooperation ability. The faculty members and research staffs could also find the problems during their actual uses. 


In the research area, College of Nursing emphasizes research performance and academic achievement. Our faculty members have led outstanding research projects that were reported in national and international journals and conferences. Over the past 5 years, we have been awarded research grants from various national institutions. In fact, our research paper and academic presentation have a strong track record of published work in top-rated journals. These publications represent sustained and significant contributions to nursing knowledge and evidence-based nursing. Our faculty members are also often invited as editors or reviewers of these national and international journals. Moreover, the College also houses the Research Center of Active Ageing (RCAA), which is a college-leave research center, which is to serve older adults in the community as a day care center as well as a “smart living lab” for teaching and research. We are involved in an active research aiming to develop a holistic care discourse on ageing society from the medical, social, cultural and environmental perspectives.


As for international collaborations, the College has maintained strong partnerships with many well-known universities and college in the world, as a part of the effort in to build up a group of health care specialists with professional knowledge, humanity cultivation and global competitiveness. In addition to annually hosting an international conference along with frequent mutual visits with sister schools and research collaborations, the College also encourages participation in global practicum and joint degree in Master Program and Doctoral Program as well as overseas medical services to broaden students’ international horizon. Furthermore, the College not only has Master’s Program in Nursing. In fact, in 2016 but it also established the Doctoral Program in Nursing, marking a milestone for the College of Nursing at Taipei Medical University.