Taipei Medical University (TMU), formerly known as Taipei Medical College (TMC), was founded on June 1, 1960. Its mission is to cultivate medical professionals with compassion, global perspectives and a commitment to serving others. TMU has 11 colleges,14 undergraduate schools, and 23 graduate institutes as well as seven affiliated hospitals. TMU is one of the largest health care systems in the Taipei metropolitan area, offering top-quality teaching, research, and clinical services. TMU has worked continuously to improve the quality of medical education, research and clinical services, committed to achieving the goal of becoming a fully internationalized top-ranking university worldwide.


Nowadays, donation provides support for more areas of higher education than ever before. Funds raised from philanthropic giving have become a key element in the long-term finances of higher education institutions around the world. In view of challenges brought by increasing internationalization and the change in value chain for organization, the Public Affairs Office was founded, hoping to recruit human resources with professional knowledge, enthusiasm and connections in an attempt to build a high-quality operation team. Utilizing the resources of TMU and three affiliated hospitals (TMU Hospital, Wan Fang Medical Center, and Shuang Ho Hospital), we build good public relations on and off campus.


There are more than 47,000 TMU alumni all over the world. Alumni contacts serve as an important bridge between TMU alumni and their alma mater. In addition to the main TMU Alumni Association, there are currently sixteen charter TMU alumni associations in Taiwan, two in China, an additional nine in Asia and Oceania, and eleven in North America. The alumni associations work to aid the continued development of TMU. Assistance includes donations to build new campus buildings and facilities, the establishment of scholarship funds, and the holding of alumni forums to share their experience with current TMU students.


To deepen friendly cooperation, we build close ties with alumni, private enterprises and the international community. We keep the lines of communication open in both media and public in order to establish brand value. Most important of all, we strengthen the competitiveness and influence of TMU as well as implement corporate social responsibility.






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