Instruction Building:
    1F: Classroom 2101~2104
    2F: Classroom 2201~2205
    3F: Classroom 2301~2304

    Morphology Building:
    2F: Classroom 5103

    Health Science Building:
    B1F: Classroom 3001~3003
    1F: Classroom 3101~3102
    2F: Classroom 3201

    2F: Classroom 6201~6204

    United Medical Building (Back Building)
    B1F: Classroom 8001~8007 

    The university facilities include a library which contains 150,000 volumes, a swimming pool, a food court with an Italian restaurant, a convenient store, a dormitory (four students in one air-conditioned room with beds and desks for each student, restrooms, balconies, etc.), a computer lab, meeting rooms, and offices for nearly 80 student club. TMU is within walking distance to the biggest shopping area in Taipei. In ten minutes, one could arrive at Warner Village Cinema with six department stores and one 24hour book store.