Taipei Medical University healthcare system has launched a Muslim-friendly program to provide a welcoming environment for Muslims and international tourists seeking medical treatment in Taiwan.

Taipei Medical University Hospital has passed 3 certifications items to become the first hospital in the country with Muslim prayer rooms with bidet facilities, a designated kitchen for Muslim food, and a special area for Muslim products. Iman Majed Tsai (蔡劼甫) from the Islamic Commercial Development Ltd. presented the Muslim Friendly Certification to Taipei Medical University Hospital in recognition of its Muslim-friendly medical environment and facilities.

Islam is one of the three major religions in the world with more than 1.9 billion believers. With the increase in new immigrants in recent years, there are currently about 300,000 Muslims in Taiwan, most of whom engaged in long-term care services.

Taipei Medical University healthcare system started providing directions on its map to the Muslim prayer room and Muslim-friendly toilets. The prayer room has separated worship space for different gender, complimentary worship mats, signs to indicate the orientation to the holy Mecca, and worship schedule. The toilets next to the prayer room are also equipped with Muslim Bidet Spray for worship preparation.

In terms of food and beverages, the hospital kitchen has a dedicated area for Muslim cooking. The utensils are separate from those used for general meat and vegetarian cooking, and all seasonings and ingredients are halal-certified. There is also a “Halal-certified product area” selling food with halal certification, providing Muslim patients and their families with more catering choices.

Taipei Medical University healthcare system has long promoted international medical services and provided comprehensive medical care for foreign patients. As a member of a multicultural society, it makes every effort to create a Muslim-friendly environment to enhance the safety and trust of international Muslim patients during medical treatment.