BME-IDEA (Biomedical Engineering Innovation, Design, and Entrepreneurship Alliance) - was initiated when a group of university professors teaching biomedical engineering realized that they had common interests that were not being met by available conference offerings. The first BME-IDEA meeting was held in San Francisco in 2003 and has been held annually or bi-annually ever since. It provides an opportunity for students, scholars and individuals to interact and complete projects with innovative talents from the globe.

The goals of the BME-IDEA are to:

  • Share experiences and best practices across biomedical engineering programs regarding teaching innovation, design, technology transfer, and entrepreneurship.
  • Discuss objectives, challenges, and opportunities for the advancement of these programs, including industry and academic perspectives. 
  • Explore the potential for sharing resources and creating community-wide tools to promote innovation in biomedical engineering.

With this resounding opportunity, the event helps to deepen international collaboration, to create a quicker product development process and better market access strategy for medical devices, and strengthen the international partnership between industry experts, academic researchers and clinical practitioners.