Since 2007, TMU has been passionately committed to enhancing global medical equality by offering free medical services abroad, a key part of its mission as a professional medical university.

In recognition of this unwavering dedication, three of our outstanding service groups— FengXing Overseas Medical Service team (FengXing Overseas), FLYoung International Service, and TMU Service Overseas (TMUSO)—were honored by the Young Development Administration of Taiwan’s Ministry of Education in December 2023 for their exemplary international contributions.

FengXing Overseas focuses its efforts primarily in Eswatini, providing dental treatment, fluoridization, and health education in collaboration with the Mbabane Government Hospital. Through initiatives such as introducing an oral screening table and enhancing l ocal doctors’ diagnostic capabilities, the team has made significant strides in improving dental healthcare access. Additionally, their tailored health education programs address the specific needs of patients, empowering individuals to take charge of their well-being.

FLYoung International Service has been actively engaged in Cambodia, leading initiatives such as the “Parasite Control Program” in partnership with local organizations. By employing scientific methodologies to monitor parasitic infection rates among schoolchildren and implementing educational campaigns, the team has made tangible progress in combating parasitic diseases. Their “Train The Trainer (TTT)” program further ensures the sustainability of health education efforts by equipping local educators with essential knowledge and skills.

TMUSO has expanded its reach to rural areas in South Africa, Nepal, and Taiwan, offering comprehensive medical services ranging from dentistry to dermatology. Consisting of students, faculty, and medical professionals, TMUSO not only provides vital medical care but also educates communities on preventive healthcare practices, promoting long-term improvements in health outcomes.

The consistent and compassionate efforts of TMU overseas service teams not only reinforce TMU’s solid international connections but also align closely with the world’s sustainable goals. Through providing medical assistance and education, TMU believes that it makes a stride on the path toward a healthier and brighter future.

Source: Office of Student Affairs and Office of Global Engagement