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In order to expand and strengthen the partnerships with institutions in the European Union (EU), Taipei Medical University (TMU) Office of Global Engagement has actively engaged its’s European partners over the recent years, with the aim of promoting bilateral teaching and research collaborations, and building regional academic and research alliances through external funding support.


TMU recently became a participant of the Erasmus+ program (the EU International Mobility Program), which encourages inter-university exchanges between faculties and students from all over the world with EU institutions and provides financial support, such as airfare and living expenses, to facilitate bilateral visits of faculty members and students for teaching and learning, as well as research collaborations. The Erasmus+ program has opened its applications for countries outside the EU since 2014, receiving a large number of applications yearly and is highly competitive. According to the regulations, EU institutions can only select one partner institution per country for each application.


Based on existing collaborations and potential research areas that are in line with the strategic development of the participating institutions, TMU was successful in the 2020 Erasmus+ International Mobility Program applications in collaboration with the University of Cagliari in Italy on the topic of “Antiviral Development”, Charles University from the Czech Republic in the fields of “Pediatric Medicine” and “Neuroscience”, and Romania’s Vasile Goldis Western University Arad on the theme of “Precision Medicine”. Although our collaboration with the University of Debrecen from Hungary in Public Health has yet to join the Erasmus+ program, both institutions have agreed to start preliminary exchanges and discussions to establish a solid foundation for future Erasmus+ program application.


Through these initiatives, TMU successfully diversified our collaboration portfolio with European institutions, which helps further strengthen TMU’s global academic and research collaboration network.


For international visits, student exchange and partnership establishment, please reach us at gps@tmu.edu.tw