TMU Calendar of Fall,2021-Spring,2022

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A Welcoming Campus for International Students

International students from more than 30 nations have chosen TMU for its extensive laboratories, research opportunities and all English graduate programs.


The university is a few minutes’ walk from Taipei’s trendiest entertainment and shopping district; also nearby are the famous hiking trails on Four Beasts Mountain and Elephant Mountain. Reasonable living costs and safe streets make Taipei an ideal destination for students. The excellent public transit system includes a bicycle depot on campus and a subway line that is a few hundred yards away.


English-taught Master and Ph.D. Programs

TMU has offered a dynamic and international environment for education, research and personal growth for over 40,000 graduates in Taiwan and overseas. In 2017, there were more than 600 international students studying at TMU, creating a culturally diverse, vibrant campus for all students.

Praised highly in a nationwide evaluation, TMU’s programs received top rankings on four primary criteria, including ambitious goals for globalization and development strategy, excellent curriculum for local and international students, and support services for international students’ daily lives. Our all-English degree program and the vast expansion of overseas internships also won very positive reviews.


Support to international students

TMU is committed to facilitating ease of adjustment for new students with technology-assisted information dissemination and ample resources on campus. The University canteen offers a good selection of food that accommodates our diverse international student and staff. The on-campus copy shop and convenience stores provide a wide range of supplies that cater to students’ academic and daily life. Sport lovers may visit our competition-size swimming pool with a large whirlpool spa, steam rooms and dry saunas, a weight room, table tennis room, and studio for yoga and other physical education classes. Support services for international students include several off-campus dormitories (shared apartment), free shuttle service between our campuses and local transit stations, a campus counseling center, prayer spaces, a Muslim prayer room with ablution facilities as well as well-furnished laboratories with bilingual training on the operation of all high-tech equipment.


Scholarships and other financial aid

An extensive scholarship program assists most foreign students with their costs of studying and living in Taipei. Other programs support international students in attending conferences, participating in competitions and taking internships aboard. Full scholarship details are as follows:


TMU Scholarships

  • Ph.D scholarship (Type A): monthly stipend with tuition waiver.
  • Master scholarship (Type B): monthly stipend with tuition waiver
  • Graduate scholarship (Type C): Tuition waiver.

Awards of scholarship are renewed annually, subject to the awardees’ academic performance.


Taiwan government scholarships

Taiwan government scholarships are administered by a number of government bodies including Taiwan International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Ministry of Education (MOE), and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST). Many of these scholarships provide subsidies for tuition fees and living expense to the awardees and are open for eligible applicants to apply directly from their home country.


Other financial aid

International students studying at TMU with scholarships from their home country may receive a supplementary monthly stipend from the University to support their studies at TMU.


To know more about the TMU experience, visit Office of Global Engagement Website at https://oge.tmu.edu.tw/