Taipei Medical University Library won the first place in the research award under the Medical Library Association (MLA) 2020 vConference, an annual event, from July 27 to August 28, 2020.


Founded in 1898, the MLA is the world’s largest and the most influential professional medical library organization, with more than 1,100 organizational members and 3,600 individual members across 30 countries around the world. Consisting of paper publications, poster exhibitions, and continuing education courses, its annual conference has been an important event to improve knowledge and share achievements for medical library professionals all over the world.


This year, 175 posters from all over the world selected for the virtual poster exhibition. TMU’s entry, titled “Applying Citation and Usage Analysis to Evaluate the E-Journal Package Collection in a Medical University Library”, showed how TMU Library, led by Director Tzu-heng Chiu (邱子恒), applied bibliographic verification and citation analysis methods to analyze the references cited in SCI/SSCI papers published by TMU faculty and staff. The comparison indicates that the citation rate of the library’s e-journal collection is 74%, which means that the collection meets the research needs of more than 70% of the faculty and staff. This research result can be used to inform future decision-making in the library’s e-journal collection development and procurement policies.