Taipei Medical University BioMed Accelerator and BE Health Ventures have co-launched TMU X BE Accelerator Program, which is a POC (proof of the concept) Program that focuses on product or prototype-ready startups that are looking for traction in the Asian market. Based in Taipei, Taiwan we leverage the unique strengths of our ecosystem to position our accelerator program as the gateway to Asia.

Within the program, startups would have opportunity to access the hospital facilities, research institutes, investors, healthcare experts and other industry stakeholders help you secure funding and expand your market to US , Japan and SEA.

??Program Highlight??
?Clinical function verification
Provide clinical trial, demand verification, field pilot verification, and medical regulatory consultation, etc.
?Combine clinical data and health insurance database
Promote biomedical research, coaching skills and reduce product development risks.
?Promote collaboration between startups and physicians
Combining the resources of hospitals to provide clinical trial research and development strategies for clinical field and professional physician counseling team.
?Linking startups and hospital resources
Establish medical channels and land in local and international markets.

?? Deadline:Till 2023/01/31
?? Apply Now:https://en.tmubiomedaccelerator.com/2023-batch