On 1st June 2023, Taipei Medical University (TMU) celebrated the inauguration of its Shuang Ho Campus and its 63rd anniversary at Taipei Medical University Shuang Ho Hospital (TMU Shuang Ho Hospital).

The newly established TMU Shuang Ho Campus expands TMU’s capacity for teaching, research, and the development of the biomedical industry.

In 2022, the Ministry of Education approved TMU’s Shuang Ho Campus, following the Bio-Cluster model. This pioneering effort has led to the nation’s unique trio: a medical university, medical center, and the biomedical industry, resulting in the establishment of the Shuang Ho Biomedical Park. These structures intelligently blend areas for fundamental and clinical research, along with activities that bridge the gap in the biomedical field. This approach boosts opportunities for collaborations among clinical healthcare professionals, research faculty, and the dynamic biomedical sector.

TMU Chairman Ray-Jade Chen emphasized, “Universities shoulder the vital responsibility of nurturing conscientious citizens, while healthcare addresses the well-being of public.” Over the span of 63 years, TMU’s unwavering endeavors have cultivated an educational and medical ecosystem spanning six affiliated hospitals and dual campuses. This dedication has created an alumni network of nearly 50,000 individuals who have made significant contributions across a spectrum of global industries. TMU remains resolute in its mission to cultivate healthcare and biomedical experts equipped with compassionate care, innovative prowess, and a global outlook. The institution is persistently pursuing excellence and sustainability, leveraging its profound societal influence to usher in a new era of accomplishments.

For 63 years, TMU has consistently pushed limits, embraced innovation, and undergone transformation. TMU believes that through continuous daily progress, it can exert an ever-increasing influence on society.