The year 2020 will mark TMU Feng-Hsing Sociomedical and Medical Knowledge Promotion Service Group’s (臺北醫學大楓杏醫療志工學生服務隊) (abbrev. TMU Feng-Hsing) 10th year of volunteer clinic service in Penghu.


County Mayor Feng-Wei Lai (賴峰偉) met with the TMU President Chien-Huang Lin (林建煌) in July 2020 to exchange views on rural medical care. Mayor Lai also presented a certificate of appreciation to thank TMU for its service to the outlying island of Penghu for 10 consecutive years.




President Chien-Huang Lin pointed out that this year, TMU Feng-Hsing has introduced a new electronic medical record system to integrate the results of the free clinic services over the last 9 years and established statistical data as reference for Penghu medical institutions or researchers. From the perspective of preventive medicine, the team re-evaluated the real needs and departments of the free clinics as well as took advantage of technology to better protect the health of the residents.