On May 22, 2024, OGE hosted a spectacular event, “International Snack Market”. This lively event used a variety of international snacks and fun games to promote cultural exchange and understanding. Organized elaborately by the OGE Squad students, the fair brought together representatives from ten different cultures and twelve countries to participate in this global snack festival.

Each booth showcased its country’s signature snacks, including the Phoenix Eye Cake from Taiwan, PB&J from the USA, Mote Kyar Si from Myanmar, Coconut Candy from Vietnam, Khao Tom Mud from Thailand, Paani Puri from India, Klepon from Indonesia, Rice Pudding from Latin America and the Caribbean, Mandasi from Africa, Mango Graham Float from the Philippines.

Despite the light rain outside, the event drew over 200 Taiwanese and international students, filling the venue with a bustling, energetic atmosphere. Attendees enjoyed tasting street snacks from various countries while participating in culturally-themed games. Those who completed the challenges earned adorable small plates as prizes, making the event a delightful blend of culinary enjoyment and interactive fun.

The “International Cultural Snack Festival” not only made international students relive the tastes of their hometown but also deepened their impression of Taiwanese culture. Meanwhile, Taiwanese students had the chance to directly experience diverse world cultures and rediscover nostalgic Taiwanese snacks with newfound excitement.

The successful International Snack Festival fully showed the charm of cultural exchange and contributed to fostering a diverse and joyful atmosphere on campus.

Source: Office of Global Engagement