Indonesia Cultural Festival by Indonesian Students in Taipei

On December 26th, Indonesian Student Association at Taipei Medical University (PPI TMU) held their first cultural event “Wonderful Indonesia” on campus from noon to night. They introduced Indonesian arts and culture, also, strengthen friendships with local citizens.

Wonderful Indonesia featured with Food Bazaar and Cultural Night. Food Bazaar was started at noon while Indonesian students presented variety of Indonesian food such as rendang rice, chicken satay, pempek, and snacks like klepon, lupis, and getas. Throughout the night, Indonesian students showcased their folk songs and traditional dancing to the audience. All performers wore traditional Indonesian Batik clothing, which is a characteristically Indonesian cultural heritage.

“Cooperation and friendship are our keywords here, and this cultural event encourages all of that,” said Novrizal, IETO Taipei’s Indonesian Citizen Protection and Socio-Cultural Information Division official. The Wonderful Indonesia event reflects the importance of exploring diversity and culture, which is also a thing that the University keeps encouraging students and faculty to do.

The Chairperson of PPI TMU 2022/2023, Kamaluddin Latief, appreciated the participants who attended the festival and said that Indonesian students were always ready to promote Indonesian culture. “The Indonesian Student Association is ready to collaborate in the social, scientific, and other fields in the future. This event enlarges our mission to emphasize and promote our culture worldwide,” he said.


Source: Indonesian Student Association at Taipei Medical University