Based on data provided by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education and supplemented by comprehensive questionnaires, the rankings evaluated universities across three crucial dimensions: university governance, social engagement, and the learning/teaching environment.

In a pledge of active participation in achieving carbon neutrality, TMU established the Office of Sustainable Development in 2022. The office’s mandate is to synergize resources across its six affiliated hospitals, working toward the holistic vision of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Furthermore, TMU affirmed its dedication to environmental sustainability by signing the “Sustainable Development Advocate Agreement.”

TMU’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility was further recognized when its 2021 Sustainability Report (ESG Report) received the prestigious University Social Responsibility Award from Global Views Monthly.

Within the sustainability report category, TMU formulated six comprehensive strategies that align with Taiwan’s Ministry of Education standards and adhere to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) guidelines, employing GRI Standards (Global Reporting Initiative Standards). The report excelled in various dimensions including university sustainability vision and strategy, governance, financial performance, social engagement, environmental sustainability, talent development, academic research, industry-university collaboration, innovative technology, and standard compliance.

TMU’s consistent excellence in fostering social responsibility, sustainability, and innovative collaborations reaffirms its position as a true leader in the field of higher education.
















Source: Office of Sustainable Development and Office of Global Engagement