Taipei Medical University Service Overseas (TMUSO) has been providing voluntary medical service worldwide since 2007, including in Taiwan’s rural areas, South Africa, Nepal, etc.
TMUSO, whose members include students, teachers, and doctors, provides students with chances to learn on-site medical experience during summer and winter vacations.

“We provided examination and treatment in dentistry, ophthalmology, Chinese Medicine, and dermatology,” Cheng-Kai Zhang, the student leader of TMUSO, recalled their service in Dongiu, Lienchiang Country in 2023 summer. He shared that providing overseas free service was not an easy job as the unique weather of the destination exhausted them. They spent three days on the isolated island, where residents had to take boats or wait for several weeks for a single clinical examination. During their stay, doctors provided treatment while students conducted initial examinations and gave lectures on health education.
Zhang shared, “It was my sixth time participating in overseas service, and I still learned and thrived a lot every time.” He noted that the experience provided a concrete image for students of how a doctor interacted with and assisted patients. Most importantly, students got to realize more about patients’ needs and learn to stand in patients’ shoes.

“Although we faced a lot of challenges, either physically or mentally, during overseas services, it was encouraging to receive patients’ appreciation and see the smiles on their faces. I tell myself every time, ‘This is the reason why I study medicine,’” Zhang concluded his experience.

Source: Office of Student Affairs and Office of Global Engagement